The Gold Coast Racecourse is one of the most common tracks in Australia. It’s located near Queensland and began its work in 1946. Even though its reputation is not excellent, riders and horse racing fans adore this place.

It holds around 60 events annually, including well-known competitions like Magic Million. However, the race in January 2023 went not like the organisers had planned.

An Unhappy Incident on the Track

The track has recently passed through a reconstruction, so it was aimed to be a perfect destination for horse races. And the organisers announced that the expected Magic Millions and other top-rated tournaments will be held on the Gold Coast. Gamblers, bettors, and sports lovers were looking forward to this event. Everyone expected an outstanding performance. But it didn’t end up the way it should.

Is Rain an Obstacle for Horse Racing?

Actually, the answer to this question is “no.” But something went wrong when viewers gathered on the Gold Coast to witness the Magic Million competition. The organisers stated they checked the track before the race and that the performance should run smoothly.

The weather forecast for that day showed 1 mm of precipitation. The track was prepared for such weather conditions. However, a heavy downpour began quite unexpectedly for the participants and spectators. It literally flooded sections of the way during the race. The participants claimed that the distance between 300 m and 500 m was impossible to pass. Horses got stuck in these gaps and could barely move on.

Despite the heavy rain, one of the races was still held. Unfortunately, the track renovation wasn’t successful enough. It became evident only during the tournament. One of the horses crashed into the fence and appeared in the canal. Luckily, the participant remained safe and sound. Having seen this accident, two other horses just galloped away from the track. Then, it became evident that the race winners won’t be declared that day.

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After that, the jockeys consulted and concluded that continuing the competition could lead to sad consequences. The experts confirmed the track was unsafe for participants. The Gold Coast race was eventually postponed a week later.

Gold Coast: Iconic Racing Destination

You may wonder why the entire race wasn’t cancelled after the first incident. And the answer is simple: this track has a long history and is considered iconic among racing fans. For decades, viewers have gathered in this place to witness the loudest competitions. Many also followed horse racing live streams. Online bettors at real money online casino in Australia could try to predict which horse would come first. No one would like to bring significant changes to the anticipated races. Especially considering the fact that the location had just had a repair and was ready to host the race.

No one could even think that it remained in an emergency condition and could lead to such unpleasant outcomes. And, of course, the audience was disappointed and left multiple negative reviews after the incident in the race. The viewers claimed that the organisers could have better prepared for such an important tournament. They must have checked everything in advance!

All eight races were still held five days later. Tony Gollan and his famous Skirt the Law horse won the competition, leaving this important trophy in Queensland. Despite the scandal, spectators were still able to get their unforgettable emotions from races in this famous location.

A Similar 2022 Incident

It might be surprising, but this year’s accident on Gold Coast wasn’t the first occurrence. In July 2022, the track was also flooded. Moreover, this season is not considered rainy in Australia. So, it was just a mistake in construction. Events scheduled for summer 2022 have also been moved to other locations. After this incident, the track went through a renovation. That’s why viewers were genuinely surprised that the same situation happened less than a year later.

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So, What Will Happen to the Track?

Even though the track has been declared unsafe several times, it is still considered a famous horse race destination. Millions of this sport’s fans visit this iconic place and would like to witness their favourite events. Risk fans are even more excited about races on the Gold Coast as they are unpredictable.

This location can be compared to some F1 tracks in terms of its popularity. So, visitors will continue dreaming about the iconic events on the Gold Coast. Despite the obvious dangers, coaches and jockeys do not give up racing in this location. The track is considered prestigious due to its long history, so huge events are still held there, hosting thousands of visitors from different countries.

The Gold Coast regularly announces new competitions. This place remains the busiest racetrack in Australia. It will host the nearest tournaments in July 2023, and fans impatiently await for these events. They promise to be even more spectacular, even though the experts recognized this place as dangerous for horses and jockeys. You can purchase tickets to any event that interests you on the Gold Coast official website.

The incident in January was the last unsuccessful occurrence. We hope the organisers will take all their past mistakes into account. The upcoming race tournaments are expected to help this place shed its reputation as an unsafe location.


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