Cars, severe ban for all motorists: there is nothing they can do
Here’s the absurd ban proposed in these hours (web)

Last year’s motorists, a class of citizens, were certainly among the groups most affected by the increases in all auto-related services, which led to an increase in the maintenance and maintenance costs of our cars. Moreover, there is the whole question of ecological transition that should certainly not be ignored, and this is exactly the purpose for which bans have arrived in these seemingly absurd hours….

The topic of the correct use of the car and its long-term sustainability has been and remains on the agenda practically everywhere. In fact, there is no doubt that we are going through a period of transition towards transport models that are certainly different from the ones we are used to using today.

This change brings with it a series of consequences that should not be ignored and that must be carefully considered when we think about the future of four-wheeled mobility. Sometimes it is not enough to simply say that in the future we will all use electric cars because perhaps that is not the right path to take.

Obviously the subject has many facets but one issue in particular has been brought to attention in these hours with the suggestion of a ban that could become a reality in our country…

This prohibition is so absurd that even today you can no longer trade in these cars

From the point of view of decisions related to the sustainability of vehicles of all types, the old continent is definitely ahead compared to other parts of the world and continues to make decisions in this sense precisely to reach the goal within the next decade of halving. large emissions of pollutants.

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Not only will this remember to use sustainable engines, but it will also lead to a crucial reduction in tasks during the car building process with regulations that will therefore affect not only the drivers but also the producers.

Electric Cars May Be Banned in Wyoming (Web)

It is precisely under this aspect that in the United States a proposal has recently been made to completely ban the use and sale of electric vehicles. The reason is due to the fact that the production of cars of this type involves the use of massive exploitation of a whole series of minerals, which significantly increases the tasks compared to the production of conventional and priced cars.

If the proposal becomes a reality, it will certainly be something revolutionary in a country that still has tendencies towards this kind of precautionary decision towards the traditional automobile sector.


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