Biden is the only leader who got it right –

The tired consensus required by NATO actions was also evident in the classic “family photo” at the Vilnius Summit: nothing strategic, fortunately, but certainly in terms of menswear, the picture is tantalizing. A male fashion commentator noticed her first via social media Derek Jaythe American, who, from his famous Twitter account @dieworkwear, indicated to his 324 thousand followers, that he is in the first row of the “family portrait” of the strongest men of the Atlantic Alliance, with the exception of one (Joe Biden, with a welt that just touches the shoe), the hem of their pants was sensationally wrong, too long and not just a few centimeters.

That slouchy ankle pant is a Fundamental error Which is always to be avoided, especially in the past decade which has seen a change in the classic cut of suits – the men’s suit is cut closer to the body than it was twenty years ago, the jacket is shorter, like a trouser leg. Immune to the general rules of the “dress code”, among other things, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore a light gray suit and bright beige shoes tipped with orange, which was odd for him with flashy, embellished socks. .

Wearing a tailored men’s suit has many advantagesA tailor starts from scratch, takes a customer’s measurements, then makes them, cuts and sews the fabric by hand. But it is not necessary, in order to be elegant, that the jacket and trousers be made exactly to the customer’s standards. But even a ready-made suit—purchased perhaps at a department store or at a large-scale retail outlet—can be very elegant if the customer has the foresight to rely on a good tailor to make the classic alterations at the jacket sleeves (to show just the right amount of cuff) and at the hem. trousers, precisely to avoid that the too long leg unfortunately hangs around the ankle.

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