Lactalis, an AgriFoot company, has been charged with fraud, deception and fraud - released.

They take us to the cows

The Dairy Group has been accused of falsifying food items served to a customer between 2011 and 2016. Multinationals, for their part, provoke a “trade dispute.”

Contaminated milk scandal, prudent as boss is powerful, episode Cash inquiry Insect … Lactalis, a dairy company, continues to attract attention, yet it cultivates as much secret worship as possible. The multinational company is also used for legal action. In the latest episode, the indictment was confirmed Tuesday by the Rennes Attorney’s Office for fraud, deception and fraud.

The starting point of this affair was the complaint of one of the clients of the group, more precisely its subsidiary Lactalis Ingredients. At the end of 2018, the Surveillance Company, which specializes in converting milk from calves, lambs and babies, sued Lactalis for fraud, falsification of food and fraudulent contents of nature, species, origin, substantial qualities, composition or useful principles. Any products. Clearly, Serval has been receiving products that have not complied with its orders for many years.

“We were really disappointedThe company’s attorney, Alexandre Varaud, said. We trust them for many years, receive their product, use it to make our products, and accidentally discover that what they offer us is not what we ordered, which allows us to make huge savings on our backs. Therefore, the products will be voluntarily sliced ​​with others and the proteins will be less. This disorder may have been detected by breeders, noting that their calves were no longer feeding and that their growth curve was abnormal. According to Mayen CourierThe breeders then sent the information to the server, who then tried to figure out where this change came from.

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Following this complaint, a trial began on September 24, 2018 for the same charges. In October 2019, Rennes’ public prosecutor, Philippe Astruc, provided details on the nature of the alleged fraud. According to Serval, he explained, the “Products that have been distributed for many years are not a mixture of whey and beef”. This product will be “Dairy by-product with zero protein content and small proportion of non-protein nitrogen content”, He added. The investigation was handed over to the Central Office by the trial judge for his fight against the attacks on the Environment and Public Health (OCLAESP).

Lactalis Ingrédients was indicted on April 5, 2022, after a pre-trial hearing. “Falsification of food, beverages or agricultural products, fraud for fraudulent business practices between 2011 and 2016”, The prosecution said. The multinational company in Laval, Maine, confirmed its allegation and acted accordingly “In the context of the 2017 business dispute with the Surveillance Agency regarding the supply of raw material for animal feed”. However, according to Alexandre Varaut, a lawyer for the Surveillance company based at Deux-Sèvres, he has been charged with fraud, fraud and deception. “This is not a business dispute, but a crime.”. According to him, “There is also the moral damage of being deceived over the years”. This indictment of Lactalis will lead to an investigation.


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