Before Sunday’s high-level worship, lead the way for the youth!

This Saturday, February 26, 12-year-old Mano Faure won the Espoors race. In the juniors division, Steinwood’s Simon Deboys was the favorite, but was defeated by his main rival, Quentin Brookniers.

After Emotions during the Vintage Race on Friday and before the High Mass on Sunday, the place for young people on Saturday 26th February. The two races follow each other: the Espoors from 9am to 10pm and the Juniors from 11am to 12:30pm. An example of how motorcycles in our area have been running on nerves since childhood.

To understand this excitement, we asked Eric Boyret, the author of the league, a fan of the mythical race, when his grandparents moved to Merlemond in the 1970s. From this curiosity a book was born, LE Tocket, 45 years of Enduro, Published by Sun.

Enduro brings a sparkle to the eyes of children who want to look like their idols.

Eric Poiret, author of the book Le Touquet, 45 years of Enduro

Enduro gives a shine to the eyes of children who want to look like their idols “, He explains before a historical reminder. “Espoire races were created after juniors races. We are in an area with a strong history of motocross: there are a lot of motocross grounds in the area and we have good riders ”.

Daymond Martens, Camille Chapelière, Axel Van de Sande, Miot brothers … many drivers who are now professionals cut their teeth during these races. “It’s important to allow young people to dream, because it’s the next generation!”

Under a bright sun and a large blue sky, the Espoires race (ages 11-15) began this Saturday at 9am. 60 minute battle on a 3.5 km long track. In the starting line-up, 91 pilots, including three women, registered at 120 locations.

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60 minutes at full speed to win the title: 300 euros for the winner, 200 for his runner-up and 100 for the third person. Aaron Hussein took second place on the stage and Valentin Mision took third place.

They registered 143 in the starting lineup. In the juniors division, cadets aged 13 to 17 depart at 11 a.m. and arrive at 12:30 p.m. They followed the same route as the Espoilers in the northern part of the Endropol circuit.

Simon Deboyers (n ° 21) is the favorite. Steinworth, who celebrated his 18th birthday last November on a motorcycle at the age of six, now wants to enter the big leagues. His goal: “Then it should be like Bodicek and Kellet “.

After competing in all rounds of the first French sand racing championship at Berck-sur-mer last October, victory at Le Touquet may have sounded like the pinnacle of a successful season.

But as in Magescq and Hossegor, he was finally attacked by a southerner. Her name? Quentin Prugnieres (No. 40). Simon DePoyers climbed the second step of the stage.


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