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Eintracht messed up the game at Frankfurt Poch. Reich Restorambe as a fan knows how to deal with such blows in the neck: by watching football as a paradox.

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I follow the account on Twitter @ironisch_botWho enriched my life a little. Ironish_bot is a bot that is designed to tweet an activity, action, etc. every few hours and put the word “contradictory” in front of it. The result is “paradoxical prison time”, “paradoxical architecture reading”, “paradoxical kicking a door” or “paradoxical public safety”.

Maybe this is due to my simple mind, but Irish_boat and its style is incredibly fun. Contradiction is the simplest way to make soft jokes, apart from the contradiction between what is said and what it really means. Combining things that don’t go together is the easiest way to create humor. Ironish_boat does both at the same time, and when I imagine what it would be like to kick a door paradoxically, it really makes me very happy.

Look at Indracht Frankfurt by paradox

Now that I’ve explained the joke long and wide, you should never do it unless you make it contradictory. Anyway, @ironisch_bot is currently helping me with the games, oh, what, the whole season of Eintracht Frankfurt. Eintrach wins in Munich and then loses to Hertha. He then won against Olympiacos, then lost only to Pocha. How can it be overcome if it is not contradictory?

Contradiction is about not taking things seriously and not making sense. You can use ridicule to create distance, otherwise there will be disappointment. Football, lol. Seeing Indracht Frankfurt paradoxically, if you paradoxically know that you are going to be disappointed, they paradoxically knock on a door when you are three minutes behind. It’s not so wild, haha, laughter, laughter, swingiswonki,;)))).

Conflict is the final stage of disappointment

Eintracht Frankfurt in particular is currently doing the day’s work with a blink of an eye. Almami Tours could not seriously mean trying the offsite trap. After all, the fight statistics against Pocham read like a detailed joke that we still don’t understand.

Things that don’t go together in Eintracht don’t always come together, for example the tenth longest ball from defense and Rafael Bore at the center of the attack as the buyer? French writer Anatole France once said that paradox is the last stage of disappointment, and if it had been damned, the man would have been a great introvert fan.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

Slip paradoxically on the table, blinking. Paradoxical downloads, after all, should be a little fun. Paradoxically, we lost 1-0 on Sunday next year, so what were we laughing at, right? Is it possible to redesign the Irish_boat to suggest a functional sports idea, roughly developed for iTrach?

How the Hessians will win their important games in the future, paradoxically for me. There is a double contradiction, in which something is obviously contradictory, but then it turned into a contradiction, for example a sovereign 3-0 win over RP Leipzig next weekend. Wouldn’t that be really fun?

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