Super Hot from the desert, is it coming soon or not?  See what happens…

Will the great African heat also reach Italy?

The African anti-cyclone is warming up the engines, and for the next few days it will favor its first major warming. But super heat, coming straight from the scorching desert, is imminent or not?

When analyzing the general overall picture, as shown in the map we propose below, it can be seen that in these days the high pressure of the sub-Saharan region is slowly beginning to rise in latitude. His main focus, on this day, however, is Spainwhere we expect asummer heat wave Really exceptional for this period, with temperatures that could reach 40 degrees Celsius!

The current synoptic situation
Given our relative proximity to the Iberian Peninsula, the question arises: will it also reach Italy? not exactly.
The African high pressure will surely be able to extend its influence to all of our country as it is expected to be the hottest phase between the days of Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April. However, it will not be a heat wave similar to the Spanish one or even like the one we are used to in July and August.

The map we provide below relates to the expected maximum temperatures for the first day of the long weekend that ends with Labor Day. Saturday 29 To reach the highest rung of the platform where the hottest zone will be Sardinia Where respectable points can still be touched for the period even close to 32/34°C (Colors purple light And white). Values ​​approach 30 °C even in the easternmost region Sicily (color Viola), while we will have a few degrees lower in the southern peninsula. Even in the rest of Italy you will feel the heat, as evidenced by the color Red (up to 24/25°C) Spread over most parts of the country.

The expected maximum temperatures for Saturday, April 29
Will this first mini-African heat wave last for long? It doesn’t seem like it. If all is confirmed, this climatic context will actually mitigate significantly Sunday 30 and Monday 1 Maydue to a turbulent transit in the Atlantic Ocean which could also be severe, at least based on the latest updates from the calculation centers.

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