At the front, among the Russians, distrust will be at the highest levels. It was confirmed the same day pentagonal This is confirmed by some of the news from Ukraine, between the escapes and the repercussions and the cities that were conquered and lost on the spot. And the subject of strong difficulties Russian President Vladimir Putin Court holds a half past eightLed program Lily Gruber On La7, the episode is on Tuesday, March 23rd. A guest in the studio here Lucio CaraccioloDirector lime And a trusted voice in international affairs.

Gruber turns to Caracciolo and asks: “Putin’s problems are growing … On the military front, economic or public opinion?And he said: In the order that you put it. First, the military aspect: things are not going at all as Putin thought. Many generals expressed their dissatisfaction But above all there are problems in the troops: there were many casualties. And the The Russian government lied about the presence of young recruitsyoung recruits ”, emphasizes the expert.

So, Caracciolo resumes, saying: “The numbers for the dead Russians? I’ll take them with a grain of salt. Surely there are many. And, for example, the soldiers who are fighting cannot communicate with the house.” Families are desperate and don’t know what happened to them: The climate in the army is not positive – he insists -. Then they spread Rumors about Gerasimov’s blockArmed Forces Commander: Many soldiers felt betrayed by Putin. They thought they were doing maneuvers, not an invasion, or else they wouldn’t have deployed the museum’s tanks,” concludes Lucio Caracciolo, setting many unknowns on the Russian invasion.

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Click here to watch Lucio Caracciolo’s speech to the Otto e Mezzo


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