When the health card becomes the National Services Card Latest news

The health card can become a national service card and become a digital identification tool. Let’s see how and what it means for the citizen.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance agreed with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation on the simultaneous existence of both forms of health card.

The difference between a health card and a central nervous system (Informazioneoggi.it)

A citizen can request a traditional health card or a National Services Card (TS). On June 1, 2022, the ministries decided to cancel the obligation to produce exclusively the second type of documents. The reason is simple, microchips were missing and therefore it was not useful to issue all cards with the chip if it was not necessary.

Therefore, every user You can decide which card you want to order But in order to choose, you must know the differences between simple TS and National Service Card. The first document allows you to benefit from health services and NHS benefits. The second has broader use.

The difference between a health card and a national services card

The presence or absence of a microchip will result in a different use of the health card. If it were simple, it would allow you to book visits and exams, Collection of medicines and ratification of the tax law As well as primary demographic data.

Furthermore, the health card allows you to receive medical assistance abroad (in an EU country, in a European Economic Area country and in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) as a European health insurance card (if enabled there will be no asterisks to revoke the authorization on the back Card.TEAM can be activated on both TS and CNS.

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The National Service Card allows you to access the digital services of public administrations, send documents to the Palestinian Authority, and view your tax data. Naturally, the TS-CNS also has the basic functions of a health card. To activate it, you must follow the instructions of the health card system after ensuring that the chip is at the top left and preceded by the symbol of rising waves towards the right.

TS-CNS is free, sent – upon request – to the applicant’s home and sending the new card before it expires will be done in the same way as a simple health card. The application must be sent to the revenue agency while it can be received by the CNS alone after requesting it from the Chamber of Commerce.

Who is the National Service Charter useful for? To the people who still are They did not ask for SPID Or they do not have an electronic ID card. Otherwise you already have the digital credentials to access PA services.


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