Fisheries after Brexit, the United Kingdom and France deploy military ships off the island of Jersey.  European Union:

A new front of confrontation between France e United kingdomWhich is consumed in water Gagging Because Brixi. In the center of the question fishingThe crucial point in the divorce agreement fromEuropeBut which London interprets as restrictive. About 50-60 French trawlers protested off the island Jersey – Which is located 22 km from the coast Normandy – On the conditions that are considered punitive London For their activity: in fact Navi French It can work indoors 12 miles From British shores only if they demonstrate a proven and long-standing connection in the same waters. In this case they still have to get a file Authorization permit, Which is until now licensed by the authorities Jersey It gave a fraction: the green light was actually given to only 41 boats out of 344, and British authorities also imposed restrictions on quantity Capture For foreign ships and nets that can be used in water London. Just in the early afternoon, dozens of French fishing boats returned to France leaving the protest.

Response to Protest: France and the United Kingdom They send ships Hence the clashes that led to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson To send Two warships (Severn and Tamar) late Wednesday evening to patrol the area and thwart the fishermen’s attempt to blockade. This work, however, was followed by another: he says Le FigaroPresident Macron sent a turn Two military ships To guard the area, after the words of the French minister in charge of the sea, Annick GirardanWhich predicted, Tuesday, before the National Assembly convened in Paris, France’s readiness for asylum. “Retaliatory measuresToward an island Jersey If the British authorities continue to restrict being able to From hunters. The European Commission intervened in the matter in these hours, accusing London of “not respecting the provisions of the post-Brexit agreement” regarding fishing. Until we received More justifications from UK authorities“We believe it should not be applied,” a UNHCR spokeswoman said. “We are appealing just chill And moderation. ”Then it resulted in the reaction of the Hunters Threatening to impose a siege on Saint Helier, The capital and main port of the island, with the risk of depriving its residents even of electric current 95% of it is supplied by France. Specifically, the supply contract will end on 2026, The same year the fisheries transition period will end. After this term, London It would definitely be able to block foreign fishing boats.

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Object – The response of the local government was a request for help in London, which arrived in the form of two units of the Al-Qahirah Royal Navy Now in charge of Situation Monitor. The United Kingdom affirms “her Unwavering support In Jersey, “Boris Johnson said last night after talks with the prime minister of the tiny island, John FounderAnd Foreign Minister Ian Gurst. Meanwhile, protests continue: “Our boats have left from almost everywhere, from Brittany, and from Normandy. It’s amazing to be able to mobilize like this Many peopleOne of the French fishermen participating in the event told AFP: ” Roman Davaudette. News sources immediately say that while other fishing boats continue to flow, some are trying to prevent Commodore Goods Fame To leave the port of Saint-Helier. At least three fishing boats from the same Jersey were to join the protest.


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