Cova cold shock out of season during the first days of June!  the details…

We’ve been talking about it on MeteoLive for a few days already. From early June between Scandinavia and Russia it was a decidedly cold air mass for the seasonAnd can move southby exploiting an already existing low channel in the Mediterranean Sea and a high pressure relief, unbalanced towards the northwest of the continent.

This means the beginning of June with temperatures below average, Winds, storms, and the summer season that will keep you stuck in the pits for a while longer.

To have more faith in this potential new or very new development (not to mention the cold in the mountains) There is a European and Canadian model, Which indicates between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June the approach of this air mass that, at 1500 meters in northern Europe, will also touch -8 ° C, which is not bad for the month of June, as you can clearly see from this map:

Here is a pressure level map comparison that shows a plausible coincidence in both the timing and location of the cold vortex:

It remains to understand how reliable this development is: The American model chooses a softer entrance from the west of the entire depression structure, while still providing precipitation. In short, everyone points to this possible cold outbreak to “calibrate” the evolution of the weather during the first ten days of June.

After all, with high pressure in this anomaly, either something changes from the north or northeast or we’re left in limbo, where the same anticyclone could still make its way, pushing the season toward summer.

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However, at the moment, cold air has an advantage, and not by a small amount… Follow all of our updates with the usual passion!


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