Who will be the European champion?  Fans vote on the Bundesliga scale

In the current survey by The Bundesliga – Barometers The focus was on the strength of the quarter-finalists in emerging markets and the development of the playing field.

In a representative vote on the skill level of the Quarter Finalists, participants had the opportunity to assign scores from 1st to 5th. Only Italy with an average rating of 1.85 can get a score below 2.0.

With the exception of Ukraine, all the other teams had scores between second and third – and Ukrainians see the fans as the weakest team and give it a score of 3.03.

Who will be the European champion?

One of the questions every fan might be asking themselves right now is who will crown Europe at the end of the day. With some candidates such as France and Portugal being eliminated from the European Championship, that question is not easy to answer at the moment.

However, fans see a team ahead of them very clearly, in their opinion. More than 44% of those who vote see Italy as the clear favorite, which is understandable because Italians have been undefeated for years.

Here you can download the PDF of the 2021 UEFA European Football Championship and then print it

However, they recently showed in the European Round of 16 against Austria that they are by no means secured in the knockout round. Maybe that’s why they don’t see all fans as an EM favourite. 26% of participants voted for Belgium as the next European Championship winner.

And behind it are the remaining countries with single-digit percentages in the following order: Spain, England, Denmark, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine. (from Intertwined Fingers Beckenbauer)

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The level of play in the German Federation

In response to the next question, fans were able to assess the level of play for each match played by the German national team – but the team of national coach Joachim Loew managed to achieve satisfactory results only once. After 0:1 against the French, the team had just passed its test with its game level score of 3.39, if indeed this was one.

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According to a fan poll, the second match should have looked better, which is not surprising, as Löw’s team clearly beat European champions Portugal 4-2. Fans recognized the level of play for this win with a score of 2.69.

After a short glimmer of light, the national team’s performance fell again, as is known – and this was exactly reflected in the survey: with a score of 3.59 against Hungary and 4.13 against England who reached the quarter-finals, DFB – the puck survived those five, but in the end they did not rise to the level of their claim to being a superior nation. (Individual review: Muller nerves fail)

The Bundesliga scale by Prof. Dr. Alphonse Madeja in Nuremberg is one of the oldest and most authoritative investigative initiatives in sports. More information is available from this link: https://bundesligabarometer.de/registrieren

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