Frost and weather development are linked to the polar vortex

During the winter, it is now known that the “polar vortex” topic is clearly one of the “hottest” weather and climate topics ever.

In fact we should be talking about cold, or even frost, Because when dealing with dynamics like the ones we are about to describe, it could not be otherwise. Well, yes, the polar vortex is about to get hit again. We recorded the first exercise in January, but the exercises actually started at the end of December.

Well, the warming of the stratosphere was able to weaken the polar vortex, but it did not cause its complete defeat.. However, there were impressive winter effects over half of Europe. It's not about the Mediterranean, but that's another story.

Now February will bring another major stratospheric warming that should occur by the middle of the month. All the most reliable modeling predictions confirm this, clearly increasing the probability. However, this time, there may be a noticeable increase in temperature, so we do not rule out the possibility of causing a real “splitting” of the polar vortex.

Splitting means breaking, and breaking means that the frost in the Arctic may move south. With unpredictable paths, let's be clear, this does not necessarily mean frost in Italy.

But suppose that this dynamic, if confirmed in reality, would lead to great winter events. So, to the second half of February at another time, but it is very likely that there will be significant ramifications as well in March. It's too early to talk about it, yes, but it's good to know.

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Knowing that the month of March, as we will be able to highlight in a dedicated, in-depth study, can have complete winter characteristics, especially in its first half.. So, in conclusion, winter is not over yet and it can hold some really unexpected twists and turns.


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