Girlfriend deletes couple pictures: Did Rerick Goslason appear with Valentina Bahde?

Girlfriend deletes couple pictures
Did Rerik Goslason see Valentina with Bahde?

Is “Let’s Dance” winner Rarik Kozlosan and model Natalia Soliani no longer a couple? Anyway, Brazil deleted all Instagram photos with the former footballer. The background may be a mysterious video in which Rarik can be seen with actress Valentina Bahde.

For two years, “Let’s Dance” winner Rerik Kozlosan and model Natalia Soliani both went through life together – apparently very happy. The Brazilian model’s Instagram account was full of love tokens. But now there was nothing to see the photos hugging and kissing, everything was removed! Not only that: the 33-year-old removed him from his subscriber list. Nowadays these are the clear signs of division.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The two have not yet commented on their love affair. This is why there are even more sensational speculations on social media. Especially since Christmas 2020 has come, Goslance accounts for all the pictures that have been shared. He follows her.

Mysteries video

Is there a mysterious video behind the deletion? Soliani recently shared personal messages from fans on her Instagram story, which shows a screen shot of a video from an entrepreneur’s account. It is said that Koslasana could be seen with another woman. According to Soliani’s post, it could be actress Valentina Bahde, best known from “Good Zeiden, Bad Jayton” (GZSZ). “Roerich in Mykonos Valentina Bahte and Frank (his manager)” read a message from a fan.

“Thanks for the news and photos. No wonder you cheated on me.” The model has not yet responded to the RTL request.

No comment

In fact, Bahde is on the Greek island of Mykonos, according to his Instagram account. RDL contacted the “Let’s Dance” stars on Wednesday afternoon. At the request, Valentina’s management announced: “Valentina does not currently wish to comment on her personal life.” Rerrick Management informs you that it has not released any statements about the personal lives of its customers.

The GZSZ star landed second place behind Iceland this year with Rick in the “Let’s Dance” season. A few days ago, when he shared an Instagram question game with his twin sister Cheyenne Bahde, he sparked speculation that he had been happily forgiven. Many fans congratulated him on his new love. Maybe she will tell us that secret soon.

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