Erling Haaland wird dem BVB mehrere Wochen aufgrund einer Hüftbeuger-Verletzung fehlen. 

Marco Rose wants to see a different face from Borussia Dortmund. But after the bitter bankruptcy of Ajax in Amsterdam, the PVP has to accept another setback: the Earling Holland team is not available right now. “We lost Earling for several weeks and he injured his hip flexibility,” Rose said Saturday (3:30 p.m. The sky) The goalie has already spoken and written on Instagram: “It’s time to focus on my recovery. I’ll be back strongly!”


Holland was ultimately the driving force. He has already scored nine goals in six league games this season. The Norwegian star has already missed the Bundesliga games against Portugal Munchengladbach and FC Oxburg. Now there is a risk of a gap longer than two league games. “I’m not a doctor, I don’t want to speculate. Earling is injured, in the same thigh but elsewhere. When you talk about topics like this, you always count the days. Earling was very tired as he felt even better against the Merns. It’s not good for the guy, it’s not good for us. He will spend most of his rehab here in Dortmund and give his energy to the team, “Rose said, adding that he would have to do without Nico Schulz (torn muscle) and Thomas Mayner (kicked in the leg).

A Holland alternative is actually Yusofa McCocco. But the 16-year-old is still out with a muscle injury. But he’s on the right track, as Ross explained: “We hope this will be an option again against Cologne (October 30, edition). We have Rainer, and Reuse can play this position as well. Stephen DeGas is back. We will do everything we can to win. “Rose will always keep an eye on her own offspring.

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