'It's not blatant': Bayern Coman star left after heart operation

“It’s not very blatant.”
Bayern Coman star failed after undergoing heart surgery

And record-holder Bayern Munich will have to dispense with winger Kingsley Coman in the coming weeks. The France international underwent surgery for a “minor arrhythmia”. But he should be back in training in less than two weeks.

Bayern Munich will have to dispense with French national footballer Kingsley Coman for the time being. According to coach Julian Nagelsmann, the winger underwent surgery on Thursday for a “minor arrhythmia”. Koeman should be back in team training in one and a half to two weeks.

“It looks more dramatic than it is now, it works very well, and it has minimal pain in the wound,” Nagelsmann said of the procedure. Koeman recently complained of breathing problems or a brief decline in performance. Investigations found that his heart was occasionally firing for extra beats. During the operation, one of the cords leading to the heart was subsequently obliterated to prevent this stroke.

‘controllable risks’

“It’s not blatant, many people have, but it makes a difference whether my biggest effort is going to the fridge and getting a cold light beer — or whether I’m a competitive athlete,” said Nagelsmann calmly.

During the operation on the thigh, there was only a “controllable danger,” as “Dr. Schiwago” explained, as Nagelsmann himself jokingly called. Koeman is scheduled to begin cardio training again on Tuesday. In addition to Koeman, Bayern will miss to meet newly promoted VfL Bochum on Saturday (3.30pm/Sky) and Corentin Tolisso. The French still joke about their calves, Nagelsmann said.

Koeman is under contract with Bayern Munich until 2023. Recently, there have been speculations about a possible move to the Premier League. So far this season, the French player has played only four matches as a substitute, with a total playing time of 95 minutes.

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