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(ANSA) – Madrid, Sep 02 – Damage has been counted and efforts are being made to return to normal as soon as possible in various locations in central, eastern and southeastern Spain: these are the areas most affected by the rains in the last hours. Suddenly it flooded streets, homes, garages and businesses, leaving overturned cars, trees, mud and dirt from all sides.

“National Civil Protection System”; “He is working non-stop to protect citizens and restore normal life as quickly as possible,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said today.

This is shown by the local media today, which collects various testimonies of people affected by the emergency and who, after the initial fear and shock, are now despairing of the material consequences and the total losses of millions of euros.

Only in Alcanar, a town in the province of Tarragona (Catalonia) that was almost completely swept away by rivers of rainwater yesterday during a sudden storm, is the damage estimated at 16 million euros, according to public television Tve.

So far, no casualties have been recorded, although several emergency interventions were necessary to rescue people stranded in dangerous situations.

The weather alert remains active in some areas of the center and north of the country even today. (Dealing).

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