Wash as soft as they do laundry with this age-old secret

For always soft and fluffy laundry, you can count on some grandmother’s remedies that are always very effective.

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Everyone always dreams of having clean, wonderful and especially soft laundry. It is definitely a pleasure to wear the clothes They give off a nice scent But it also provides a pleasant softness to the touch. The same applies to sheets, because their softness certainly helps you to rest better, but also to other garments such as bathrobes, jackets, scarves, etc. Finally, too towels The ones we usually use in the bathroom need a certain level of softness. A feat that gets complicated with slightly older towels, as they tend to get less soft over time.

With these treatments, your laundry will always be soft and fluffy

However, too These towels can get soft again Like the first times we used it. Some of the ingredients we have at home can be very useful for giving your towels that softness that they now seem to have lost.

Soft wash
Soft laundry – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

of between it White wine vinegarIt is an ingredient often used in the kitchen for its beneficial properties, including an effective antioxidant effect.

White wine vinegar is a very popular ingredient not only in the kitchen, but also for making clothes and clothes soft and fluffy again. How do you do? This procedure is very simple.

Just pour in three tablespoons of white wine vinegar In the compartment of the washing machine where we usually put the fabric softener. In the event that we need to fill the washing machine with wash cloths and towels, we can slightly increase the amount of white wine vinegar, bringing it to four or five tablespoons.

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Once this is done, all that remains is to start the wash and wait for the cycle to finish. When we take the clothes out of the washing machine, we will realize how soft they are again.

In addition to white wine vinegar, there is another ingredient that has worked well in this endeavor Sodium bicarbonate. This item is also almost always present in the kitchen.

But in this case, it is enough to put one spoonful in the basket. Once the washing is complete, we will see how the baking soda has been able to ensure this Same effectiveness of white wine vinegar.

Citric acid and Marseille soap

A great alternative to white wine vinegar and baking soda is citric acid. This very effective ingredient must be dissolved in a liter of warm water: Let’s put about 160-170 gr to obtain a satisfactory result.

Clothes in the washing machine
Clothes in the washing machine – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

To make the solution give more softness to our clothes and towels we can also add it Dozens of drops of essential oil.

Once the mixture is complete, we can add it to the tub of the washing machine (no more than four tablespoons). We start washing and wait for the washing machine to complete its work. At the end of the cycle we can take out the clothes: the softness will surprise us.

Finally, another excellent ingredient for making clothes feel soft again is Marseille soap. Just insert a few chips into the basket or detergent drawer, and proceed to washing. Also in this case the result is guaranteed.

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