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Decathlon decided not to sell kayaks anymore In the shops of Calais and Grands-Synthes, in the north of France. Reason? Stop the immigrants. The Sports Apparel and Equipment Group issued a note stating: “The purchase of kayaks will not be possible in the current context.” It appears, in fact, that these articles were not used for mathematical purposes. ‘Can be used for cross the channel”, the company said. Then he added: “People’s lives are in danger.”

Migrants, tension at the Poland-Belarus border: the army opens fire hydrants

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This action was taken just the day after yesterday Hundreds of immigrants crossed the canal. Something similar happened last Friday: Three migrants – as reported Corriere della Sera – They were found missing after trying to cross by boat, while the day before two boats were found near the coast of Calais and two migrants were rescued at sea. According to the British Home Office, last Thursday 1,185 people landed in southern England On small boats.

Migration and chaos at the Belarus-Poland border: the situation is getting worse

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Meanwhile, police in northern France have cleared a migrant camp where a thousand people live. Interior Minister , Gerald DarmanenHe announced in a tweet on Twitter describing the field as “illegal”. This situation – with many migrants trying to reach the UK from northern France – has led to further tensions between Paris and London, who are already in a row over fishing licenses.

Migrant emergency, Salvini:

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