Star returns to a new series

Will Kid Harrington return to the new Game of Thrones series? That would be a big surprise.Image: HBO

It has been more than three years since the final episode of “Game of Thrones” was released. Shortly afterwards, the US network HBO announced several spin-offs in which only the “House of the Dragon” of the Darkarian dynasty could be seen making progress. It will not be long before it is released on August 21st. Meanwhile, a prelude starring Naomi Watts was removed prematurely after the pilot was filmed.

But now another piece of news has caused a stir. As “Hollywood Reporter“Report, A sequel centered on fan favorite John Snow is in early development on HBO. Its special: The return of actor Kid Harrington.

The John Snow series will be special

After the end of “Game of Thrones”, many stars have made it clear or at least stated that they now want to start a new life chapter and therefore will not engage in any spin-offs. So the series about John Snow with Kid Harrington will definitely cause a bit of a stir.

Considering Harrington’s performance, there is a plot about where the original ended. At the “Game of Thrones” finals, John bids farewell to his siblings to go into the woods. Beyond the wall and away from the intrigues of Westeros, he can now start a new life with the wild beasts and his dirwolf.

She resigned as ruler of the kingdoms of Fran and Sansa Stark (Winterfell woman). Before the eighth season, it was revealed that John was actually Akon Darkarian and that he could claim the throne himself.

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Although HBO has not yet officially confirmed the report, many other well-known US departmental magazines, such as “The Hollywood Reporter”,Variety“About the project. The probability is very high that this is not just a rumor.



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