From snowboarding to surfing, “Blue – Tomato” hits the historic center of Trento. It will be the first store in Italy, here are the required functionalities

Trent. Disembark at Trentoblue tomatoesThe important thing An Austrian brand founded in 1988 For the 35th year in the business I decided Focus on Italy Opening his first store In the historic center of Trento.

This is an amateur series Snowboarding, snowboarding and street surfing. founded it Former figure skating champion Gerfried Schullerthe company has grown from a small school to a small snowboarding school in Ennstal with a shop in a garage.

Over time, the business has expanded more and more presently The brand can be found in stores not only in Austria but also in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Holland, Norway and Sweden..

The online channel is also available in 14 primary languages.

Some have appeared on the site for quite some time vacancies: one of Sales assistantl Floor manager Based on shop manager.

new shop, It will be in the rooms that Mango inhabited a few years ago in Via Oss Mazzurana, a few steps away from Teatro Sociale. Prestigious multi-storey office from the 19th century. The opening date has not been disclosed at this time.

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