There is a secret button in the dishwasher that will save you bills. Discover the different tricks you can apply to cut costs.

The cost of bills continues to rise, and there are those who decide to deprive themselves of household appliances to save money. But there are a number of precautions we can take to reduce light and water consumption.

In this period, the cost of electricity tripled, and many Italian citizens suffer from very high bills. Many people try to reduce their energy consumption by pulling the plug or looking for ways to save.

Here we can save, today we recommend a remedy to reduce dishwasher consumption. This appliance is essential for our household chores in the kitchen, but it is also very costly for our utility bills.

So let’s see together in detail how the secret button can help us reduce our energy costs.

private key

Constant increases in electricity and gas bills have put pressure on Italians trying to save money. There are some tricks that we can apply to our devices to reduce consumption.

Among these tricks is our cherished dishwasher, which has a secret button capable of saving on bills.

One presses the dishwasher's eco mode button

On average, this very useful device absorbs from 1850 watts to 2700 watts. The average expense in the bill will be given by multiplying the energy consumption in kWh by the cost of electricity in EUR/kWh. The most efficient dishwashers consume at least six liters per wash cycle.

To reduce its consumption it is recommended Use the economic program buttonMoreover, we can only operate it when it is fully loaded, to avoid more waste and unnecessary washing. Washing is carried out at sixty degrees, only if the dishes are not very dirty.

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Other saving tricks

Our tips on how to save money while using a dishwasher doesn’t end there. In addition to the Eco program, there are other precautions we can apply.

When we decide to use the dishwasher, it is a good idea not to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, as this can waste a lot of water unnecessarily and the detergent will be less effective.

Also on the maintenance side, we can take a look to reduce costs. We must pay close attention to the filter, it is a good idea to remove it every 10 days to remove any accumulated food residue.

We also recommend the drying cycle. This allows us to reduce the cycle by 15 minutes and save 45% of electricity. Finally, if the pots we use for cooking are very dirty, it would be best to reduce the grease first, perhaps using the hot water in which we cooked the pasta.


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