Android TV 13 can help reduce your energy and data bill, here's why

The next version of Android TV can offer a plethora of features that can help you save energy bills and reduce data usage. Android TV 13 is likely to be the next iteration of smart TVs that could be part of the big screen in the coming years.

Android TV 13 is said to be testing Low Power Mode, which will not only save energy bills but also manage the data consumed by various apps running on the big screen. Low Power Mode may now seem like an essential tool for TV users, but it’s hard to argue with its effectiveness, especially if it helps lower your energy bill.

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Google should make some useful additions to the Smart TV platform, which has been sorely lacking in tools over the past few years. And unlike smartphones, Android TV doesn’t have a solid software cycle for smart TVs, leaving millions working on an older version. Companies have mostly switched to newer models, exposing older models to various security risks.

One of the reasons for the increased demand for devices like the Fire TV Stick, people are getting better software and hardware reliability, rather than relying on support from TV manufacturers.

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The report also talks about Android TV 13 testing picture-in-picture mode, and hopefully Google has worked out the issues at the code level to get the feature to work on the latest aspect ratios, something that has changed dramatically in the past couple of years.

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It seems that Android TV 13 is a long way from reaching the current TV models, but it is supposed to be officially released around October, when the version of Android 13 will be released for Pixel smartphones and a few other brands.

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Google may have Android TV 13 as part of the main Google I/O 2022 lineup next month, and we hope to receive some exciting news about the platform.

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