Four years after the success GirlfriendJuliette Armanieh publishes burn the fire, his second album. “It’s the end” are the first words in the record. burn the fire Were you born from a rupture? “Not at all. He was born of a very passionate love,” the singer corrects with a smile.

Juliette Armani comes back to us as a woman and a mother. Wounded but standing. The love burn caused her to lose a few feathers, but we have the impression that she’s flying away with these new songs. Musically richer, more rhythmic, more free In fact. With that, his dancing and sad pieces were born in peace. A year after the birth of her son, she packed her bags heading to Trouville. step away. Blow up after 200 prom and learn motherhood.

Like the researcher, Juliette Armanet experimented in the studio. I also struggled. It says the album “Cathedral to build”. But like any cathedral, it takes a long time, but it is very beautiful in the end. She sings of separation, pain, madness, passion and does as much good to the song as it is to the song whatever. She sings “I’ll never forget, it’s written in chalk.” The album broke, but he never fell into bitterness. In adversity, she chose the light. “burn the fire It is an album of transformation and editing. This fire, which is the symbol of strong, flaming love, must not be a destructive fire. It has to be innovative, very creative and imaginative,” explains the artist.

And life goes on. Passion is always born one day. like with Boom boom baby, one musical gesture It’s not over until it’s overThe Lenny Kravitz tube that she adored when she was a teenager. This is the first song I wrote for the album. “This is my most beautiful poem, I love you.” Juliette Armanier is never a half-meter. I’m made like that. I’m a bit down on the floor the whole time. It’s a bit extreme album. I wanted to let go of the horses. Even in terms of coordination. I let myself do things I didn’t do on the first recording, especially the strings. I was passionate about string arrangements. And I went Also to search out loud for things I haven’t explored yet. And the fact that I sang to larger crowds, the musician revealed herself,” says Juliette Armani.

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love always

Lighting is everywhere on this album. “All the albums that were written while in confinement, during this period of astonishment, were not discouraging records at all. They are very lively and very lively. There is a beginning. “It tells us something about human nature,” the singer says.

His album is all about love. “Love remains a prominent political topic. How do we love each other, who do we love, what love do we give, what love do we share …‘, decompose. Tu Me Play, It also sings the love of the audience. Her writing becomes more intense in this register, she plays with words, and is always still masculine and English. Everything is in the sublime fork, a song about these little wounds we learn to live with… on a tune he shared with her father, she sings save my life.

Juliette Armani is leaving On tour from January 22. The Zéniths tour is scheduled to run until November 2022. burn the fireYour new album has just been released. Heat it up on your turntables.

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