Watch out for the president's jacket, frost is falling on the stage - Libero Quotidiano

Joe Biden Bird feces targeted him during a news conference in Iowa. The incident occurred while the President of the United States, who has made a lot of blunders lately, was talking about his intention to cut gas prices by about 10 cents a gallon to combat inflation. In the middle of the speech as mentioned Sun quoted DagosbyaAnd White stuff dirty his jacket Top American flag pin.

Immediately on social media there was talk of bird droppings. Although a White House official was quick to deny this, he spoke instead of corn. The conference, in fact, will take place in what President A “Giant Barn”, a biotherapist center in Menlo. Despite this, a torrent of comments and hypotheses about the strange substance raining from the sky immediately spread on social media.

The people most critical of Biden wrote: “Even birds know it Biden is full of me**a“,” Biden wasn’t the only one pooping today “,” The birds Enca** ate now too. And then what?

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