What to remember from RC Lens' 2-1 win at Reims?

The LFP is currently considering a possible rule to limit the number of Ligue 1 clubs. The aim is to better control the pay of clubs and avoid some excesses.

Through our daily survey, we asked what is your opinion on this possibility of controlling employees. Majority supporters Lensois Very positive. As a source, here are the results of your vote:

It is better to avoid wearing too much staff with players in the loan season after the season: 84.9% (388 votes)
This is a bad thing and will affect the ability of clubs to work on recruitment: 15.1% (69 votes)

This Monday, let’s look back at the 2-1 win RC lens In Reims. What do you remember from this meeting? Mental strength of Betting Who is once again managing a subtle situation? Difficulties RCL Is it even more important against lower volumes? Success that allows Lensois Want to stay competitive for Europe? Seco Fopana Back with the Redeemer costume Betting ?

If you would like to participate in our survey, you will find it at the bottom of our info thread on the right side of the home page. On the other hand, if you want to discuss this topic, you can leave a comment below by creating an account.

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