Sonic Colors can receive re-mastery

It is increasingly common for projects to become known through social media leaks rather than official announcements. This appears to be the case with a postulated project for Sega: talking about what Acoustic colors can be re-mastered for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The first evidence of this project was found by a Twitter user CoteroWho noticed the German company iksampleDedicated to dubbing the Blue Hedgehog games, included Sonic Colors Remastered As a project for 2020. We know it wasn’t launched last year and hasn’t even been announced, so it might be late or they’re just writing the year they dubbed.

This alone may not be enough to excite fans, but the user Hahahaha Then find out that the game is mentioned in the store And husbandThey listed it for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at € 34.99.

Sonic Colors was originally released in 2010 on the Wii and Nintendo DS. It received generally positive reviews, although some have criticized certain aspects of the game such as the multiplayer mode. Fans hope this title and possibly other SEGA mascot titles will be reworked to celebrate the Sonic’s 30th anniversary this year.

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