A few months ago, NASA launched the path of an asteroid that could survey the planet in this month of September, according to information, the size of this meteorite is comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

This information was through the asteroid tracker at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, according to NASA, so in a few days it will have a close-up image of Earth.

According to the US Space Agency, the asteroid called “2021 NY1” has a diameter of approximately 130 meters and is traveling at a speed of 14 thousand per second, and the estimated date of Earth will be on September 22 between 14:42 UTC, Mexico time 6:42 am.

Is it a danger to the earth?

NASA has classified this asteroid as “potentially dangerous” due to its size, ranging from 130 meters to 300 meters, with an error of +100 meters.

NASA considers it dangerous

Due to the characteristics of classifying an astronomical object as “Potentially Hazardous”, it must be in parameter (M) less than or equal to 22 of PHA (Potentially Hazardous Asteroid in English), because the absolute magnitude of “2021 NY1” is 21.51M, its Properties.

Another parameter is the intersection distance between the object’s orbit and our planet, which is known as the MOID.

NASA considers celestial bodies located at a distance of less than 0.05 AU, i.e. 7,479,894 km, as potentially dangerous.

NASA has excluded the existence of any danger zone on our planet, the coordinates of its passage are 1497473 km from Earth, for example the distance four times to the Moon (384,400 km). Weighting its listed stature, you will pass away from the ground.

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With information from El Heraldo de México.

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