The LEGO set launched with DeLorean to travel in time

Inspiring fans to start their own building engines, the collection Puzzle Games And Universal Brand Development has released a new 3-in-1 version of one of the most iconic movie cars of all time: LEGO® Time Machine From Back To The Future.

It’s about the car DeLorean that appear in the franchise, which allows you to create a vehicle from the first, second, or third movie. Additionally, it includes a glow flux capacitor, a plutonium case, a marti board, and miniatures. Dr. Brown And the Marty McFly.

“Universal, Amblin Entertainment, and the makers of Back to the Future filmmakers are thrilled to partner with the LEGO team to create this incredible set,” said Bob Gill, co-writer and co-producer of the trilogy. In the movie, Doc Brown spent nearly 30 years and his entire family fortune building his time machine. Fortunately, you’ll be able to build this model in much less time and at a lower cost, although your copy won’t be able to time travel. !”

To celebrate the launch, the LEGO Group takes Doc and Marty on another mission in the new animated short brick of the future. The adventure sees a daring duo of minifigures racing through time to try to retrieve a lost flow capacitor.

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Plus, we go back to where it all began, the Backlot of the Universal Studios in Hollywood, where it was filmed Back to the future To capture all three models along with the original DeLorean time machine, as seen in the movies.

“From Easter eggs that refer to each of the three Back to the Future films, to iconic DeLorean time machine elements like Mr. Meltdown, to Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s transformation into minifigures, fans will love going back in time with this set,” said Joe. Lawandos, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Universal Games and Hardline, Universal Brand Development.

Brick builders will have to choose what Back to the future time machine They want to build first, because every build requires items from the full set.

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Detailed faithfully recreated from the movie trilogy include foldable wheels for flight mode, the iconic light flux condenser, dates printed on the dashboard, opening doors and gulls hood, and several Easter eggs, such as Marty’s skateboard and interchangeable license plates. The set comes with a banana and a box to power the Mr. Fusion seen on the car at the end of the first movie.

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LEGO Set designer Sven Franek commented: “Since its release in 1985, Back to the Future has remained a favorite and favorite movie of generations of fans around the world, including myself. I have greatly enjoyed reliving my favorite moments from all three films in this exciting and nostalgic design adventure.”.

The group is priced at Online Store For Mexico from 4,399 pesos and will be available from next April 1.

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