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On Friday, the maestro returns to us with a “plurality” disc and renewed spirits. He is confident in his musical revival, his return to the stage and the massive success that came close to winning him over.

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cIt’s been four years since I last spoke to a journalist, and I’m a little nervous but it’s nice. Shared fun. On December 2, 2021 at 2:45 p.m. Zoom lights up Stromae in his living room in Brussels. We can sense that he is polite by nature, worried about necessity: It will be the Belgian singer’s promotional tour, on the occasion of his new album to be released on March 4, where interviews were planned three months in advance so as not to be overburdened.

In order to also maintain a rhythm on a human level for those who have thrown the astounding success of “Racine Carrée”, from 2013, to their knees. “I don’t have any notes on plurality, regardless of my family and my brand. And I won’t get anything from the audience before the 4th of March, it’s a bit stressful. Hope you like it.” He nodded, smiling and settling more comfortably on his sofa.

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