Tesla ends up in Olsu Fjord, is rescued by floating sauna – News

Norwegian police announced that two motorists who ended up in the frigid waters of the Oslo Fjord in the center of the Norwegian capital, on board a Tesla, were rescued by a floating sauna.

“When the car fell into the water, there were apparently two people inside,” Oslo police wrote in X. She added: “They were saved by a floating sauna.”

The rescue video, which was obtained by Agence France-Presse yesterday and published today by international media, shows the Tesla car sinking and the two drivers of the car sinking onto the roof of the car, while the floating sauna with three people on board approaches the car almost completely. Submerged and rescues the two unfortunates. Oslofjord has several floating saunas available for rent, some of which are motorized.

video The Tesla ends up in the Oslo Fjord, and is rescued by a floating sauna

“I did my best towards the people who were extricating themselves from the passenger compartment of the car,” Nikolai Nordahl, the leader of the floating sauna, told the newspaper Verdens Gang. He added: “We arrived immediately after the car sank. With the help of two guests, we were able to extract them. We were able to warm up in the sauna.”

According to what the media reported, quoting a police officer, the two drivers of the car were not injured. Police said they did not know why the Tesla fell into the water, but the person behind the wheel told the newspaper he believed the car was parked on a dock at the edge of the fjord when he pressed the accelerator. accelerator. “Then she dove into the water. It was a terrible feeling,” he added. The Tesla was also recovered, but by a tow truck.

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