Les Tuche: Jean-Paul Rove is not in favor of dealing with the Beauves

It’s a personal matter. “Sept à Huit” guest Jean-Paul Rove revealed on Sunday that he does not appreciate criticism of the Tuche family’s characters.

While the fourth installment of the Olivier Parrot-directed film series is expected at the beginning of December 2021, Jean-Paul Rove – who plays the patriarch of the family, Jeff Tucci – explained his very personal relationship with the heroes of this comedic saga. Who has made the French cry of laughter since 2011, and who, he admits, has “great tenderness”.

“When we criticize Les Tuche, I consider it bad. But I do not consider it as bad as the movie, I consider it bad because I have the impression that we talk badly about friends and respect them (…) It is related to my childhood “, begins the comedian. Before determining that his father worked in the shipyards in Dunkirk. And that if he wasn’t like Jeff Tucci, they dated people with similar personality traits.

“My dad’s friends or family members that I’ve seen, that I know yeah…the dialect, that’s the music I have in my head. My dad was a worker, and he did the shifts a lot, I remember, which is really hard. I remember seeing my dad leave in the morning, and he’s passing A difficult week. Life is still complicated,” defines Jean-Paul Ruff, whose father was earning “a pittance because he was a labourer.”

Impressed, Jean-Paul Rove admits he was marked by the journey of his father who, at the age of 50, lost his job overnight, after the shipyards closed. “He had 50 brooms and found himself with nothing overnight. It’s hot anyway, it affected me, and we grew up with it,” he says.

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