Sylvie Teller worked in secret: she gave details of her hospitalization

On Wednesday, March 16, Silly Teller took to her Instagram Story to speak very briefly about the operation she underwent several days earlier in the hospital that forced her not to board a plane in support of April Pneum.

Sylvie Teller is very active on Instagram. The Managing Director of Miss France and Miss Europe shares her daily life with her 469,000 subscribers by sharing her days punctuated by supporting Diane Lear, Miss France 2022 in events, But also in her busy life as a mother of three. Only this Wednesday, March 16th, Laurent Schenten took the floor for another reason. Standing at this very moment Miss World 2021 competition in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Although the election was originally scheduled for December 16, 2021, it was postponed at the last minute “Reasons related to the health and safety of the candidates”, The Miss World Commission explained through an official press release.

According to Sylvie Teller, April Benaume has every chance of winning this prestigious title, as she announced on this special day when the former Miss Universe celebrates her 23rd birthday. “Happy birthday April Benayom. She was born on the day of Miss World. Isn’t that a good omen?” , to request Sylvie Teller on her Instagram story. if by experience, Sylvie Teller made the trip to support Miss He was chosen to represent France in this year’s Miss World contest, Oscar and Margo’s mother declined the invitation for a very specific reason…

Sylvie Teller lifts the veil on her operation

In fact, a few hours after April Beneom’s encouragement, Sylvie Teller took the floor to discuss the reasons Why couldn’t you travel to Puerto Rico? “Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. You sent me a lot of messages asking why I wasn’t in Puerto Rico. Honestly, I would have loved to have been in the room to shout and support April like you did last year for Amandine and But unfortunately I had a small surgery last week and was not allowed to fly at allrevealed in on Instagram Story. the young woman who He did not want to discuss the nature of his operationShe added that she intends to follow the elections from then on “a sofa”With Same voice, same enthusiasm. It’s 1 a.m. local time. Sylvie Teller can console herself by telling herself that she’s avoiding jet lag and that’s priceless!

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