Café Tacvba celebra victoria para el planeta

The Café Tacvba ensemble has transformed the National Hall into a kind of sanctuary for the worship of Mother Earth.

It took little more than a stage, beyond mass production, to take 10,000 followers on a reflective journey about the impact of citizens’ and their governments’ decisions on the environment.

Robyn Albaran called right in from the start when he walked out with bandmates Mimi, Joselo, and QuickRangel at 8:40 p.m. in pants and a Gorongo-covered blanket shirt that matched his palm cap, but it wasn’t until an hour into the concert. announced on this.

“Victory for the planet,” he chanted, silencing the audience with his interpretation of “volcano,” which alludes to the damage done to Earth.

The singer has been one of the most represented figures in the #SelvameDelTren initiative, which seeks to raise awareness of the risks involved in this federal government project in the southern region of Mexico.

The planet was also the protagonist during the performance of “Olita del Altamar”: “This one is for our rivers, our waters that ask us to defend.”

“I want to tell you that our audiences are like The Flowers, they are beautiful, with many colors and wonderful scents,” he said when interpreting that song.

It is this poetic honesty that is praised by followers like Leticia Gomez, 32, who says she’s followed the band since she was six: “They have the distinction of being that great Mexican band, anyone who already knows them, they have something special, that folklore, that wave of… good feelings.”

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While his friends José Solís and Humberto Zetina, both 38, confirmed that what they like most is the way the band raises its voice in the face of political and environmental problems.

“They sympathize with the social part of all of Mexico, they love the environment, the communities and the indigenous people very much, they put themselves first so as not to discriminate against others, they support feminism, like their song ‘Ingrata, they changed the lyrics,’” Solis noted.

But this atmosphere of peace was broken for a moment when the vocalist reprimanded his fans for singing “Chica Panda” outside the stage, but despite wanting to be serious, he couldn’t contain his laughter and ended up thanking his fans’ love that didn’t stop screaming, as if the two bars were wind Powerful he conveyed the flowers he collected at his party in classic sounds with pleasure.

Orgalineiro continued to participate in the song “Medio Dia”, while his passion for “Chilanga Panda” took off. The night continued with “El device,” “La locomotive,” and “Esa noche,” among others.

In the end, the singer bowed his head as if observing a minute’s silence, continuing with the song “Aviéntame”.

“Thank you guys, we’ve had a very happy life thanks to the music, thank you for this track we shared, we want your little hearts to be happy and healthy too,” Robin said shortly before the evening wrapped. I hope it rains coffee.”

Robin the Baron

“I want to tell you that our audience is like flowers, they are beautiful, with many colors and a wonderful scent”

Letizia attended with her friends Jose and Humberto, who liked the band to raise their voices in the face of social problems.


They completed the set in Colosso de Reforma: June 2, 3, 4 and 5.
10 miles

He attended the band’s first concert at the Auditorium.

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