Désormais, la production se fera davantage en télétravail, chez soi, dans un tiers-lieu ou à la campagne, alors que le bureau restera un lieu de réunion essentiel pour la collaboration et la socialisation affirme son directeur général, Victor Carreau.

The office is not dead. While the Covid-19 pandemic has confined billions of employees around the world to their homes, making remote work part of a permanent trend, in full recovery, the traditional office is fighting back. As evidence of this, in London, Google announced on January 14 the purchase of a portion of its office buildings, which it currently rents, for nearly a billion dollars. who – which “Demonstrates continued trust in the office as a place to collaborate and connect in person,” American company writes.

In France, this trend is also confirmed. In Greater ParisAnd to me Bagneux (Hauts-de-Seine), where the extension of Line 4 of the Paris metro has just opened, the average rent for an office in this communist city of 40,000 inhabitants is 330 euros per square meter and per year, for 280 euros / square metre / A year in the former Mairy de Montrouge station.

Also, the British operator joint work The IWG has just announced the opening of two new workplaces – one on the Saclay Plateau, the other near Saint-Lazare Station – and is gearing up for three new venues in inside the body: 1st place at l’Etoile, 2nd place at the Accor Arena (Paris Percy, editor’s note) and Third Street Parmentier (XIth).

In the region, in Montpellier, Herault Prefecture watching “No record” Achieved since the establishment of the Real Estate and Business Observatory in 2005. According to the data sent on January 13, nearly 13,000 square meters of the third space was occupied in 202, ie +57% compared to 2020, and even +10% compared to 2019 Ref.

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Comet Meetings is about to launch a new show

In the context of returning to the office or, failing that, to a third location, French conference room rental company Comet Meetings intends to position itself well. According to our information, the hotel competitor created in 2016 is preparing to launch a new offer.

“Before Covid, work was done in the office: production, alone, collaboration with others, as well as socialization and coexistence that create this sense of belonging,” explains General Manager Victor Caro.

“Going forward, more will be accomplished by working remotely, at home, in a third place or in the countryside, while the office will remain an essential meeting place for collaboration and socializing,” he adds.

Combine remote work and meetings

Owner of five locations in the capital with a total area of ​​15,000 square meters – Al Borsa (Inside Altarea HQ #2 Editor’s note)And Place des Victoires, Etoile, Ternes, La Défense and soon Bercy, is preparing to launch a “Comet Teamwork” solution for those companies that want to continue to combine remote work and meetings without (re) taking over offices.

“After thirty minutes and five people in a video conference, we are no longer productive. So we will always need locations to find ourselves,” Victor Caro insists.

This offer includes subscribing to a platform available to all employees of the company, and the possibility of booking two weeks in advance in the organization “custom made” Appointments from 2 to 65 people and personalized services – “Community management, concierge, personal assistant…” “We are the only player that offers a subscription where it is possible to attend for an hour or two”, Still knocking director general of the guilty meetings.

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Its historical activity, however, consists in offering very good sites, pioneering training courses, seminars and executive committees there. However, the general manager of start He refuses to talk about the “pivot”, that is, to change the business model.

“On the contrary, it’s a clarification that with Covid, the office will refocus on meetings. We won’t necessarily compete with co-working,” Confirms. “We don’t plan to raise money either,” Concludes.

Victor Carrillo (Participant) reinvents the meeting with Comet Meetings