Does Zara charge you for returning clothes that do not fit you?  This is what we know

Zara It leads to a new controversy. The leading brand in Inditex GroupR You will charge a fee to return the clothes It doesn’t suit you or you don’t like it.

According to the media, it is reported that Zara is determined to end the policy FREE RETURNS.

Since then, since the epidemic and the emergence of E-CommerceZara has spent a lot on customer returns and refunds.

Zara will charge 50 pesos for each return

During the pandemic, e-commerce has increased dramatically across the world.

although clothes shops -as such ZaraCapitalizing on this trend, he’s now overriding a new policy that could affect online purchases.

the group InditexStarting with Zara, it will start shipping a file A fine of 50 pesos for each return from clients.

clothes on dresser (Unsplash)

although Online sales That would increase significantly for Zara, this seems to have brought several problems for the brand.

Above all, those that have to do with Exchange and Return From customers because the dress “doesn’t fit”.

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Zara, the clothing brand

Zara, the clothing brand (Unsplash)

For many, buying online is a lot easier because of how easy it is to use return Under the terms Wrong size or not satisfied.

However, according to revealed figures, in 2021, 30% of products sold by Zara via its website and app were returned.

In numbers, it is estimated that 2.5 million products have been returned to the brand.

clothes on dresser

clothes on dresser (Unsplash)

Zaraalong with the rest of the Inditex group, argue that are born High economic and environmental cost.

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Thus, with a view to eliminating – or at least reducing – the trend, Zara will charge you 50 pesos to return clothes that do not fit you.

“During the pandemic (and) with physical stores closed, no-cost returns were chosen to encourage sales. Customers spoiled us.”

Christian Castillo, Logistics Expert at Neos Diario

It should be noted that the option Free return to physical stores From Zara, it will continue Valid in all branches.

When will Zara return fees start?

the new Zara’s return policy Which does not suit you, has sparked controversy around the world.

And that, according to the majority, it is unfair for Zara to seek profits under any excuse.

clothes on dresser

clothes on dresser (Unsplash)

Currently, return fees for Zara have begun to be charged in 30 countries, such as the United Kingdom and Germany.

In Mexico, this policy has not yet become a reality, but the possibility that it will become so in the near future is not excluded.


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