Tesla: Disney + in the car and unlock other manufacturers' Superchargers

Tesla car owners regularly benefit from software updates that give their cars additional functionality. The last batch is particularly rich!

Tesla cars are less cars than wheeled computers! And whoever says computer, says update. The latest version 2021.24 contains a slew of new features that will delight drivers and their passengers: The Tesla Theater program adds a new streaming service to its hunting board, Disney+. The platform joins YouTube, Twitch and even YouTube which can be viewed on the big screen of the tablet in the car.

Loki is on the way

Another important feature of this update is that it is now possible to keep Wi-Fi active when the vehicle is in motion (previously, the system disabled wireless access). A new option to activate Wi-Fi has appeared in the settings. Tesla is also adding a new “wash mode” that closes all windows, locks wipers and closes the charging port.

After activating this mode, you will no longer be afraid of splashing water on the sensitive components of the car. In addition, when a motorized pulley is passed, the freewheel option switches to the “neutral” position to prevent the parking brake from being used while leaving. The update also automatically begins video recording for the autopilot cameras, when the vehicle detects a security event.

Battery consumption also benefits from a new replacement screen that displays either the remaining mileage or percentage. Finally, it is possible to deactivate the automatic tinting of the central mirror, which was a request from many drivers.

Elon Musk also announced on Twitter that Tesla will open its network of supercharging stations to other manufacturers this year. Details are particularly scarce at the moment, but interested manufacturers will likely have to cut a deal with Tesla, which wants to share costs for its network installation and maintenance. There is also the issue of compatibility of charging sockets, since there is no standard in this area.

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