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drivers By public transport From the state of Mexico, traffic is prohibited at the intersection of roads Paseo de la Reforma and the River Rennes, in the district of Tapakalera, Cuauhtemoc Mayor’s Office, to denounce threats and excessive charges by popular financial firms.

protesters Close both ways From Reforma Street and all the lanes of Ryo Rin Street, where they placed their units, as well as maintenance Main access is prohibited for the Mexico Stock Exchange.

The group of operators accuses Rep. Patricia Armendáriz, owner of Financiera Sostenible, who maintains that through threats and excessive charges she withdrew the transport units, when they stop making a monthly payment and even charge them interest on interest.

For this reason, they seek the involvement of the Mexican stock exchange in the matter, as they point out that the actions taken by the financial company to claim the charges are exaggerated.

They warned that if they did not receive a timely response, they would appreciate intensifying their protest by cutting off more roads.

Because of the protest, there is no direct passage from the La Palma roundabout to Chapultepec Street, as well as to Zona Rosa or Rebellion Street.

The General Secretariat for Citizens’ Security recommended that motorists take them as alternatives to roads: Inner Circle, Chapultepec, Sullivan and the Mississippi River.


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