Mastercard destacó que las tarjetas con chip actuales están equipadas con microprocesadores mucho más capaces y seguros. (Especial)

The arrival of magnetic stripe changed the world of payments, an innovation from the early 1960s that allowed banks to encrypt card information in a magnetic strip encased on the back and giving more security to account holders; However, this The mechanism is about to disappear.

“The Giving up magnetic stripe is due to both changes in pushing habits consumers and the development of new technologies,” said payment processor MasterCard.

In detail, the company indicated that Existing chipset cards are equipped with more capable microprocessors and secure, and many have small, built-in antennas that allow for contactless transactions.

from their side , biometric tags, which combines fingerprints and chips to verify the identity of the card holder, NSOffer another level of security.

But while changes in the way we pay and treat them usually take years to become ubiquitous, the The pace of digital transformation has accelerated rapidly during the pandemic.

In the first quarter of 2021, MasterCard experienced more than 1 billion contactless transactions, compared to the same period in 2020; And in the second quarter of 2021, 45 percent of all personal cashier transactions globally were contactless.

The Consumers are also increasingly willing to experiment with new payment options. Nearly two-thirds of people surveyed in Mastercard’s latest New Payments Index, a global survey, say they’ve tried a new payment method they wouldn’t have tried under normal circumstances.

be New technologies are much easier to enable, This makes it more accessible even for the smallest of stores. for example, Cloud tap the phone Converts phones into acceptors and requires no additional hardware or peripheral accessories.

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The EMV technology is also evolving to be more secureEarlier this year, MasterCard developed a new quantum-resistant specification for contactless payments.

confirmed it This change will help protect cardholders and merchants from fraud For decades to come, with the same half-second experience of contactless cards and without having to make physical changes to digital wallets, cards, and POS terminals.

“The way we shop, pay and interact is changing, and we are meeting these evolving needs with smarter and safer experiences,” he said.



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