Fallout 76 players will have to ditch the Battle Royale mode soon. In the blog or memo The Bethesda team has confirmed the end of the nuclear winter situation. Accordingly, this will only be available in the game until September 2021. According to the developers, the low number of players is behind turning off the mode. Full lobby waiting times are no longer appropriate.

In a statement, Bethesda also acknowledged that it has recently become difficult to publish meaningful updates on nuclear winter. For this reason, the “difficult decision” has now been made to completely turn off the game mode. In the summer of 2019, the Battle Royale variant was first launched in Fallout 76 and initially attracted many players. The developers at Bethesda are already working on new PvP ideas for the title. The first details will be announced later this year. As compensation for the end of Nuclear Winter, players will soon receive coins to use for franchise upgrades.

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those: Bethesda

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Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter – der Battle-Royale-Modus

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