New species of giant snails discovered: larger than a hand and weighing more than a kilogram, destroy the plants they encounter
Giant snail – TheMagazinetech

Giant snails have arrived, and an unexpected invasion is causing action in the city: they are so big that they destroy all farms they encounter.

It is an incredibly large type of snail To create quite a few problems for the plants you encounter. It would be able to eat so much to destroy entire crops and perhaps due to climate change, many cities had to face the problem of invasion.

Giant African land snails are alarming in the new towns. They had never seen each other before except on African lands, and now for some time especially in the United States they began to raise a panic. Florida has instituted a veritable quarantine to try to eradicate the animal. There is not only one danger, and above all the danger seems to be human too.

In fact, the fields being attacked are only a small part of the risk. They consume more than 500 species of plantsThey eat anything that comes their way. There are concerns for the agribusiness in place but not only. Slugs are actually larger than a human hand, sticky and have a spiral home, just like their smaller sisters.

Giant snails in the USA, what’s going on and why are they so dangerous as to trigger a quarantine alert

In addition to damaging the entire landscape and the agricultural sector in general, they are dangerous because crawling on vegetables eaten raw by humans can lead to serious infections. The Florida Department of Agriculture fears for the agricultural industries but also what could happen if these animals begin to infect humans through their “drool”.

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The infection that can be transmitted to humans is mainly parasitic Rat lungworm It is already known to science because it is one of the most dangerous. In fact, the effects of his injury are also known: it would obviously be one of the recognized ones Vectors of meningitis in humans.

Giant snail – TheMagazinetech

What was decided regarding the decontamination of giant snails

The authorities decided to spray the snails with chemical baits in all the invaded areas. According to the authorities in the United States, they are trying in every way to eradicate them because they are also able to eat stucco and stucco, destroying entire buildings over time. The disinfection will be long and complex and there is also a special state of alert among the population Because there is a fear of infection with the parasite by eating vegetables.


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