Here's when to watch the 'Super Thunder Moon' visual this week

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On Wednesday, the astronomical phenomenon will have a very good chance of being clearly visible in the sky of Belgium. This is the time to monitor it carefully.

On the evening of Wednesday, July 13, a supermoon — one larger and brighter than usual — will be visible in the sky. And the meteorological platform Meteovista said, today, Monday, that the phenomenon will be very visible thanks to the favorable weather conditions.

A supermoon is a full moon that appears 7% larger and 14% brighter than a regular full moon. This phenomenon occurs when the moon is at a distance from the Earth. Since this star orbits our planet in an oval and not on a circle, the distance between them is not always the same.

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The moon will be closest to Earth at 8:38 p.m. Wednesday, but it won’t be visible yet. She won’t even wake up 10:30 p.m. and I’ll go to bed Thursday at 4:21 a.m., according to Meteovista. Clear weather is likely to be the second part of the evening and an overnight stay, with overcast skies likely to be less than 20%.

When a giant moon occurs in July, it is called a “giant grain moon” because this is the time of year when the first grains can be harvested. It’s also called the Super Thunder Moon, with July being one of the hottest and stormy months in the northern hemisphere.

Another supermoon happened last month. It was the “Giant Strawberry Moon” that lit up the sky in June when the strawberries were harvested. The next and last supermoon of the year will light up the night sky on August 11th.

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