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After the official announcement at the beginning of the month, a specific release date was set for “The Queen and the Sea” for the indie game “Dead Cells”. An initial gameplay trailer is also available for viewing.

At the beginning of the month, the independent developers of Motion Twin did not announce that the action title “Dead Cells”, meanwhile, has sold more than six million copies.

Additionally, the small studio has announced work in progress on DLC for “Dead Cells”. The downloadable content will be called “The Queen and the Sea,” and a weekend release date has been set. As announced, the last download extension will be available from January 6, 2022. This announcement was accompanied by a game trailer that provides you with the first game scenes of the new downloadable content.

Discover an abandoned shipwreck

In “The Queen and the Sea” you face the task of exploring an abandoned shipwreck and a burning lighthouse. “Try to escape from this cursed island by lighting the beacon on top of the lighthouse. However, your past will not let you go without a fight,” developers Motion Twin say about the next DLC for “Dead Cells.”

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The downloadable content “The Queen and the Sea”, which costs just under five euros, includes new levels as well as nine new weapons such as the throwing shark, triceps and pirate hook. Also on display are a companion, many new outfits, and many new opponents that will present you with completely new challenges in combat.

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More news about dead cells.

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