Electronic Arts recently announced: DICE LA, after a rebranding that lasted more than a year, has changed its name to Ripple Effect.

This is the latest in a long line of rebranding dating back to EA’s acquisition of DreamWorks Interactive in the 1990s. DICE LA was formed after the closing of Danger Close, and is itself a rebrand of EA Los Angeles.

Since its inception, the major titles the studio has worked on have been part of the Battlefield series. At the moment, the new Ripple Effect is also working on the new modes that we will find in Battlefield 2042, which, let us remember, will be presented during the EA Play Live event that will be held at the end of July.

After eight years of projects at DICE, Christian Grass will lead the studio as Managing Director. Among the works in which he participated, we can mention the reboot of the Medal of Honor with Danger Close.
Mr. Grass commented on the name change, acknowledging that DICE has been a “fairly anonymous” company since its inception.

He says change the name

There is always room for improvement of course, but we will continue in that direction. In that sense, it’s the next stop on a journey, but from an outside perspective, it feels like a rebirth or the beginning of something bigger.

Sure, DICE LA changed its name, but that doesn’t mean the studio will remain petrified of the same type. In fact, Grass preferred to remain ambiguous about the future of Ripple’s influence toward filming titles. The studio is currently undergoing a “vigorous restructuring”, confirming that it will be tasked with focusing on a high-quality development process, focusing on small details and making sure that high standards are followed. With expectations like that, we just have to wait until July 22nd to see for ourselves the work in progress in Battlefield 2042, which could be the pinnacle of EA’s flagship series.

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