The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons are gathering now!  •

The first brand crossover with 327 cards.

Two fantasy giants meet today’s tabletop release of Magic: The Gathering’s latest expansion.

The new card sets are part of the “Adventure in the Forgotten Relams” series and bring together the MTG world with Dungeons & Dragons.

This deck contains a total of 327 cards and gives fans the opportunity to explore the world of dungeons and dragons in a whole new way.

Examples of cards included are eg ‘Nadar, selfless paladin’ and the dragon ‘Tiamat’, but also facial expressions, jelly cubes and Drest de Orden. Which, as I said, is of course only two of many new cards.

Two worlds collide.

Individual products from Adventure in the Forgotten Realms also contain codes that you can redeem for Magic: The Gathering Arena that contribute to parity between the digital and tabletop editions.

Among other things, you will of course get the classic deck and draft booster packs, there are also collector booster packs with show cards, cards with an extended card edge, rare or cool cards, a premium token card and more.

You can also buy different captain decks in which you not only get a captain but also get 100 cards in your hand at the same time.

The crossover brings new mechanics like dungeons and dice into the gameplay, which of course goes well with Dungeons & Dragons. You can learn more about it Here testing.

“Venture in the Vault allows players to explore three famous vaults: Tomb of Annihilation, Lost Mine of Phandelver, and Dungeon of the Mad Mage,” she says. Class magic in turn allows players to become characters, giving them powerful new abilities to fight. Which version of Dungeons & Dragons works without dice? Many of the maps in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms require players to turn into a d20. How high or low is the roll? It determines the events.

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