Skylines is finally getting new content, including train stations and radio stations

Towns: Skylines are still very popular with many friends of well-preserved building strategy. Now the developers of Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive have announced some new strategy game content at PDXCON. These are four so-called content creator packages, which, however, bring only cosmetic enhancements and two radio stations.

Both accessories are available for € 3.99 (radio stations) and € 4.99 (all other DLCs) for computers and controllers.

New content for cities: Skylines

Bridge and Sidewalks content creator package

The bridges look especially elegant at night.

Quelle: Paradox Interactive

Beautifully improved waterfront! This set consists of 22 unique Armesto mods, with industrial and classic styles that can be found all over the world. Players expand the iconic look of their city and shape the skyline of their surroundings using these essential connections.

The package contains:

  • 7 bridges for normal traffic
  • 3 one-way mobile bridges
  • 2 pedestrian bridges
  • 8 new berths
  • 2 new berths

Train Station Content Creator Pack

You can now cross your city with railways.

You can now cross your city with railways.

Quelle: Paradox Interactive

Train stations provide 12 train stations and 4 nodes, created by BadPeanut. Whether the city will benefit from a high or low train station, there are new mass transit options for all needs, with many stylish train and subway stations so that citizens can get to where they need to go efficiently. Players upgrade their network with modern-looking train stations that align perfectly with the Sunset Harbor and Mass Transit expansions.

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The package contains:

  • 6 subway stations
  • 6 train stations
  • 4 public transport axes

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There are also two radio stations so that you can have something nice on your ears while building the city.

Radio Rail Hook

The bustling city may be slowly fading, but players are just starting to jam 16 electronic tracks as they stand beside flashing neon lights
Wander past the windows or stop the late train completely to the beat.
Real Hawk Radio is a subway station where players prepare for a night full of vivid memories.

Sunny Breeze Radio

Palm trees swirl on the city waterfront as players absorb the sun’s rays and music is played. 16 sunny synthesizer tracks by
Sunny Breeze Radios match your mood when you think of dipping your toes in water. The waves summon the sound of these electronic tones as players take off their shoes. Sun, sand and songs combine
For a perfect summer day with a good relaxing help.

During the presentation, it was also announced that the Colossal Order was working on a new project. Whether that was the successor to Cities: Skylines behave? It will be some time before there will be more details about the game.

You can find more interesting news, photos and videos about Cities: Skylines on our informative topics page.

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