Queen Elizabeth, coffin leaving Buckingham Palace

The coffin was draped in the royal banner and decorated with the Imperial Crown, which the Queen wore for her coronation 70 years ago, resting on a velvet cushion and a crown of flowers. The

The Queen’s state funeral will be held on Monday 19 September.

The royal family in the funeral procession –

Behind the casket, with representations of soldiers and some loyal collaborators of the royal house, only the most intimate core of the family: in the first row Elizabeth’s four children (King Charles III with Princes Anna, Andrea and Eduardo), in the second Charles’s children (and Diana) with William on the rebel side Harry, as Putting controversy and gossip aside, then Peter Phillips (Anna’s son and the King’s great-grandson), the Duke of Gloucester’s cousin. , Earl of Snowdon (son of the late sister Margaret) and Vice Admiral Tim Lawrence (wife of Anna).

Inside Westminster –

Then, inside Westminster, the pair were joined in deep feelings by the couple, one by one: from Queen Camilla, to Sophie of Wessex, to Kate and even Meghan, dressed in mourning at the center of the scene. Others are in defiance of tabloids’ more hostile predictions. All were united, at least in this lofty moment: they were marked at the funeral rite with a short rite of blessing for the coffin, by the choirs of sacred hymns, by references to the Queen’s Christian faith made by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, reciting the Our Father in voice with the Head of Westminster Abbey David Howell.

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political representatives –

The final remains of the ceremony, which was followed by a poignant final placing of the personal banner of Elizabeth II at the foot of the sarcophagus. The first vigil was then entrusted to the political leaders of the kingdom in full force beyond every division (from Prime Minister Torey Les Truss to Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer, from Independent First Minister of Scottish Local Government Nicola Sturgeon, to Northern Irish Republican leader Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill) .

A million people are waiting for Queen Elizabeth’s final farewell.

And finally when the doors are opened to the general public, among the tears, the gracious bows, the signs of the cross, the flowers, and the union jack. The start of an influx by Monday should see as many as 750,000 people alternate only among those who will be able to make it into the hall, according to forecasts by London’s directors of public transport; As many as more than a million, according to other estimates. At the cost of having to set off, under the eyes of a police force perhaps never seen on the island, waiting in line could be as much as 30 hours: an extraordinary record of patience even for the proverbial situations across the canal.


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