USA – Bernie Sanders in Alabama to face Amazon

Employees at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama must first determine if they want union representation, which will be the first.

Senator Bernie Sanders on March 26, 2021 in Birmingham (Alamba).


Left-wing senator Bernie Sanders said Friday in Alabama that Amazon is “scared” that a referendum will be held on whether to form a union, the first time for e-commerce in the United States.

According to an independent MP from Vermont, Amazon fears that “if workers win (in forming a union) it will spread across the country”, he told reporters after talking to employees and unionists at a neighboring warehouse.

“You have the courage,” he told Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world, before calling them back, according to Forbes, which is estimated to be worth about $ 180 billion ($ 170 billion). . “Jeff Bezos, why do you spend millions to try to defeat workers who have so much money (…), decent income, decent benefits and nothing but decent working conditions ?!” He shouted.

Several months after mobilizing some workers, the approximately 5,800 employees of the Bessemer warehouse are invited to send a bulletin by post to determine whether they should be represented by a union by March 29. The Seattle group has not officially opposed the unions, but has been campaigning against them. A website called “DoItWithoutDues” and even posters in the toilets have been reported by staff at weekly meetings aimed at encouraging mobilization.


Paradoxically, many employees complain about not having time to go to the bathroom. This material has become a symbol of frantic speed and the “inhumane” treatment described by some staff. “Do you really believe the (mythical) staff who urinate in bottles?” If that were true, no one would work for us, ”Amazon began on Twitter on Wednesday, responding to the Democrats’ election with outrage at the group’s anti-union tactics.

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The news of the bite was greeted by a flood of photos and journalists and activists confirming the reality of the problem, especially since delivery men were forced to use plastic bottles.

“Ideally, they will give you a snack to catch and manage a package every 9 seconds. I can’t even clean my nose in 9 seconds! ”Included rapper killer Mike, who came with Bernie Sanders. The artist encouraged employees to claim a seat at the negotiating table and earn $ 20 an hour.

“There are warehouses paying $ 18-20 an hour in the area,” said Joshua Brewer, local manager of the American distribution association RWDSU, who collected thousands of signatures from workers in Bessemer last fall. Amazon pays a minimum of $ 15, which argues to be twice the minimum wage in Alabama.

From Bessemer to Washington

The e-commerce but technology company is the second largest employer in the United States, with a population of 800,000, mainly in its sorting centers. “In Europe, Amazon negotiates with the unions so they can negotiate fully with the unions in the United States,” Bernie Sanders argued.

Attempts to reorganize the group’s warehouses have so far failed, and Bessemer’s site, a site that makes the most use of African Americans, has been subject to media and tensions comparable to a political campaign.

Leading politicians (former Georgia Democrat MP Stacey Abrams, Florida Republican senator), art (comedian Dina Faye, actor Danny Clover), and sports (Union of American Footballers) and even President Joe Biden gave their support to the trade that Bessemer was interested in.

Amazon focused on its communications last year about its key role in delivering controlled housing, its round-robin recruitment and its risk premiums linked to Govt-19. But just days before the polls close, Amazon public relations has decided to openly raise its voice.

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“We want to know why the minimum wage in Vermont is 75 11.75. Senator has been one of the most powerful politicians (in the state) for more than 30 years,” said Dave Clark, the company’s consumer boss. Verbal tweet with Bernie Sanders this week. “The senator should leave us his speeches until he is equal in the house.”



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