Kennedy can decide the American elections

As was the case in the 1960s, Kennedy's title could decide the American election campaign. Robert Kennedy Jr, the son of Bob Kennedy, who was Secretary of Justice under President John F. Kennedy and was then a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, and was also assassinated in 1968, like his brother. that it Independent filter: He was a Democrat until a few months ago, then decided to run on his own.
There are two things to note about him: The first is the very harsh statement made by Robert Kennedy Jr., who came from one of the most famous families of the American left: Biden is accused of being the real danger to American democracy. Yes, says Robert Kennedy Jr.: “Even more than Trump, Biden threatens our freedoms because in effect the power machine in the White House is censoring political debate in the United States, especially through its control of social media, which is fundamentally allied with the Democratic Party.”
The other interesting thing about Robert Kennedy Jr. is that in the most recent Wall Street Journal poll that showed Trump ahead in six of the seven swing states, Kennedy gets 10-11% approval. This is a huge deal in a country where presidential elections are often decided by a margin of less than 1%.
But another surprise is that Robert Kennedy Jr. may turn away from Trump with more support than he does from Biden. This can be explained by his positions on Ukraine (he is against aid), and perhaps also by the fact that Kennedy, who belongs to the extreme environmental left, took an extreme position. Anti-vaccine positions beloved by the far right.
So pay attention to this extreme, divisive and controversial personality because it could be himto rule For the next elections.

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03 April 2024

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