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(ANSA) – LONDON, NOV 16 – The COVID-19 curfew has returned to the Republic of Ireland as the government agrees to bring back early and mandatory closures of bars, restaurants and nightclubs no later than 11.30pm on Thursday; And revive the general recommendation to work from home for all who are able to do so. The announcement was made by Dublin’s Prime Minister, Michel Martin, on the sidelines of a special ministerial meeting.

Among the new measures – which are currently introduced for 4 weeks excluding extensions and compared by some media to a new “semi-closed” – there are also stricter rules on precautionary isolation (for a period of 5 days) in case of contact with the infected and beyond. Mask use, combined with the low-cost offer of antigen tests and the extension of the third “booster” dose of vaccines to all people over their 50s. Obligation to show the green corridor of the fortification of access to cinemas or theaters (but not in beauty salons or gyms).

In recent weeks Ireland has seen a rise in record infections relative to its population, following the neighboring United Kingdom (where the wave later suffered a partial slowdown), although it has always maintained restrictions and warnings (eg on masks) stricter than the British . (Dealing).

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